Spillcap: The Beat Summit: Mannie Fresh vs KLC

Heavyweight Producers and New Orleans’ natives Mannie Fresh, mostly known for Cash Money Records’ top hits, and KLC, who’s mostly known for the greatest hits from No Limit Records, go head-to-head at a non-threatening beat battle in New Orleans.

A few artists from each Producer’s camp showed up at Hangar13 to show support. Rapper Juvenile was Team Mannie Fresh, while Mia X and Mystikal served support on Team KLC. They also took to the mic to perform old school, legendary hits. The funniest part of the night was when KLC dropped the beat to NOLA rap group UNLV’s “Drag ‘Em From The River,” a diss song to Mystikal. A true rider, Mystikal took the stage, danced to the song, grabbed the mic and said, “I ain’t gonna lie, I used to bump this song, too!” The crowd bucked harder.

The night was amazing. It brought back so many memories of growing up to this music. Before the multi-platinum hits, the fame, NOLA is where it all started. It was everything!!


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